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CREIC – The Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries

With its 13.300 square meters, the Regional Center of Excellence for  Creative Industries – CREIC – is a creative work space dedicated to  innovation, education and development. We connect startups, creative and corporates, trying to always find new ways to bring them together,  through events, partnerships and collaborations. By working in CREIC,  you get access to the right environment for your business, and you have the chance to improve, grow and develop in the best possible way here.

Regardless you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced one, CREIC  provides many services and facilities. You can find here office spaces,  co working spaces, event spaces and meeting rooms, green areas for your  events, micro production spaces or many other facilities for the film  and television industry – film studio, media production offices.

CREIC is a building with four different units – A, B, C and D, three  underground levels, ground floor and four stories. There are more than  2.300 square meters dedicated to office and co working spaces, 966  square meters for the micro production spaces, 1.056 square meters for  the event spaces and 629 square meters for the film studio. Our outdoor  amphitheater and green terraces of CREIC are dedicated to formal and informal, artistic, social or business events.