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Hire in Cluj-10 years overview and trends

Hiring the people most fit for the job became a goal trusted to the human resources experts by more and more companies in Cluj, starting 2006. The workforce available at the time was rich enough to allow strict selection for almost any kind of job. The pool of candidates becomes poorer for each company as more and more companies were hiring in Cluj.

The critical point was reached in 2009. Recruitment process eased a little afterwards as some of the companies gave up Cluj between 2010-2012. This opportunity for the remaining companies narrowed the most in the year 2012, when reaching the appropriate candidates was most difficult. Until then the paths chosen by the majority of the candidates to reach the employer was a local paper and two or three online national recruitment sites. Therefore the goal of recruitment portals and papers was to get you as many candidates as possible regardless of their matching to the jobs.

The local online recruitment portal LocuriDeMuncaCluj.Net launched at the moment of greatest importance of quality as well as quantity in the recruitment process. A focus group of human resources experts from Cluj reached the most accurate definition of nowadays recruitment needs for employers in Cluj area: the chance to reach the best candidate in the online environment mostly used by him/her, where you can find relevant information stated by the subject and relevant personal and professional accountancies while addressing only the ones actively or passively interested in the employers’ business.

Therefore LocuriDeMuncaCluj.Net started as being the first portal to promise employers in Cluj candidates interested in working in Cluj are only, people that have a professional experience or educational background compatible with the vacancy while allowing the human resources experts to manage applications by status, ranks, notes or messages on one platform only regardless of the online environment it came from, such as Facebook, Tweeter, etc. The future of recruitment relies on reaching in the message reaching the potential candidate regardless of the online environment mostly used by him/her.

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Source: LocuriDeMuncaCluj.NET