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Cluj-Napoca Custom Software Development Market Report

During the last six years, Cluj-Napoca’s custom software development market has grown into one of Europe’s new popular tech destinations. This specific custom software development market  entered with big wings in 2020, and we are expecting to see an important downturn due to the epidemic outbreak. With a 29% year-on-year market growth rate recorded in 2018 and an estimated similar growth rate for 2019, the particular custom software development market from Cluj-Napoca is employing as an annual average +16000 software engineers. Before the release of Q1/2020 factsheets, it is important to understand how Cluj-Napoca custom software development market looked at the end of December 2019.

2014 – 2019 Cluj Custom Software Development Market Evolution

By December 2019, a number of 1330 companies declared to have as main business activity: custom software development. Analyzing this pool of companies, we realized that a staggering 58.50 % of the total custom software development companies were created between 2015 – 2019. Nevertheless this new wave of tech companies, employs only 12.21% of the active custom software development workforce, while the oldest group of companies – those founded before year 2000 and representing 2.86% of the local market employs 32.08% of of the active custom software development workforce.

This study was developed by SOFTECH. Please visit their official website HERE, to enjoy the full report.