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Demand and Offer of Digitalization

Regional IT is an industry that defines itself as being innovative. Its offer covers in particular the business and e-business segment, being somewhat lower for niche segments.

Only a third of the turnover comes from national transactions. The local potential, although significant, is not fully exploited yet. On average, 76% of the turnover (over 2 billion lei) of IT companies is represented by sales of products for digitization.

The industry has a greater addressability towards the mature segment, aware of the benefits of digitization. These advantages are primarily aimed at simplifying and optimizing processes and facilitating decision-making. The main obstacles to the implementation of the digitization process are lack of expertise, high costs or incompatibility with the field of activity.

The market signals as the main obstacles in the sale of digitization products, customer reluctance to the benefits, their lack of training, but also limited dedicated budgets. The solutions proposed to overcome these obstacles are aimed at educating clients and developing a complex strategy of attracting resources in order to implement digitization.

In the medium term (5 years), the number of companies that will implement digitization is predicted to grow by about 35% -40%. At declarative level, customers or potential users of digitization know to a high extent the digitization process and they trust it.

The study was developed by ARIES Transilvania with the support of Cluj-Napoca City Hall.