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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

IT Industry in 2015

Cluj-Napoca, one of the main economic and educational centers in Romania, is considered by specialists a major IT hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

With about 80% of Romania’s IT exports, Cluj-Napoca ranks first in the country. A renowned destination for IT Outsourcing (ITO), Cluj has a diverse landscape of IT companies which range from large IT outsourcing services providers to small, entrepreneurial start-ups.

Some of the key reasons for which Cluj is becoming ever more attracting for companies seeking good IT specialists are:

  • The city’s tradition in IT services, which dates back more that 20 years, when the first software services companies were set up here;
  • Its strong ties and work experience with clients from demanding markets like Switzerland, Germany UK and the USA;
  • The strong technical expertise of its specialists, backed by communication skills, mastery of foreign languages and project management;
  • The availability of complementary services to core software engineering, such as customer support and data analytics;
  • The geographical proximity and cultural affinity of Cluj to Western Europe and North America;
  • Cluj-Napoca’s international airport, which connects the city with all important European capitals and economic hubs;

All in all, local IT engineers impress with their excellent technical, communication and managerial skills, as well as with their mastery of foreign languages like English, German and French. These remarkable abilities make adjustments in processes and a flexible approach towards customers easy for their companies.

Full article: Report IT Industry_21.06

Source:  iTech Transilvania Cluster by ARIES Transilvania