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IT Market in Romania National Comparative Analysis

The perception of the image of Cluj-Napoca seems to have been going through an important change over the last years. Therefore, in addition to being tagged as “university city”, Cluj-Napoca has also won the title of “programming and software production center”, a pole of development of IT activities. This title was swiftly instilled in the Cluj citizens and, in fact, the entire population so that it probably is the most visible element on the city’s visiting card.

Therefore, there has been a pressing need for a study that should offer people extra clarity and accuracy, made by both the IT industry—whose interest is to know better its competitors, dynamics and potential—and other stakeholders (academia, public administration, business environment, public opinion) interested in knowing and anticipating the impact of the development of IT sector in Cluj-Napoca in particular and Romania, in general.

The present study has adopted a complex methodology consisting of a quantitative approach designed to analyse the economic and financial indicators of companies in the market as well as other factual elements collected via an opinion poll, and a qualitative approach aimed at expressing the opinion of some entrepreneurs, IT managers and academics, how they understand and perceive the facts in the IT field as well as their forecasts about future developments.

The study was developed by ARIES Transilvania with the support of Cluj-Napoca City Hall.