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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.


Cluj-Napoca has a complex system of transportation, providing road, air and rail connections to major cities in Romania and Europe. Being connected to different European routes (E60, E81 and E576), the city is at a strategical crossroad in the European road network.

The Transylvania Highway, currently under construction, will link the city with Bucharest and Romania’s western border. The section between Câmpia Turzii and Cluj Vest (Gilău) is operating since 2010. Cluj-Napoca is also connected to three different main national roads: DN1, DN1C and DN1F.

The Cluj-Napoca International Airport, located 9 km to the east of the city center is the most modern airport in Romania after last year’s modernization of the runway and construction of new terminals. The city is connected by direct flights with the main European cities (Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, London, Budapest, Rome, Dortmund etc.). Some of the airlines that operate here are: Tarom, Lufthansa, WizzAir and Malev.

Cluj-Napoca Rail Station, located about 2 km north of the city center, is situated on the CFR-Romanian Railways Main Line 300 (Bucharest – Oradea – Romanian Western Border), thus offering national and international connections.

Cluj-Napoca also features a public transportation system consisting of bus, trolleybus and tram lines. RATUC, the local public transportation company, runs an extensive 321 km public transport network and it is under the direct subordination of the City Council of Cluj-Napoca.

Transport in the Cluj-Napoca Metropolitan area is also covered by a number of private bus companies, such as Fany and MV Trans 2007, providing connections to neighboring towns and villages.

There are also a number of infrastructure projects in progress like: the rehabilitation and modernization of the tramway (which will be ready in 2013), streets rehabilitation and modernization (15 km of streets and 4 bridges will be rehabilitated as a complementary project of the tram projects), airport runway expansion(for Cargo and Jumbo jets).

In terms of Communication Services, Romania was listed as 2nd fastest internet provider in the world, due to its last generation IT infrastructure.