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18:30 31.03-02.04 2017
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The Excellence Gala in Mediation

The 5th edition of Excellence Gala in Mediation, which will take place from 31 March until 2 April 2017, at Transylvania College in Cluj Napoca, and it’s becoming an international event of business, mediation and education and is enjoying of the presence of the Executive Director of International Mediation Institute, Irena Vanenkova.

The Excellence Gala in Mediation, organized by the Association Medierenet by the patronage of the County Council Cluj Napoca, with the help of City Hall Cluj Napoca, The University Babes Bolyai and The University Bogdan Voda, is the only national event and yearly during which are awarded the mediators for their activity and which, also, offers us the possibility to promote the mediation and the mediators.

Starting with the year 2013, in Cluj Napoca take place yearly the most prestigious event of mediation from Romania, The Excellence Gala in Mediation, and enjoys international recognition.

In the period 31 March – 2 April 2017, the town on River Somes becomes the metropolis of mediation, and experts and professionals from this field, personalities from business field, political and judiciary sphere are meeting at Excellence Gala in Mediation.

The days chosen for mediation will be focused on dialogue, interactivity and the interconnection between the mediators and the representatives of the business field from Romania. The event promotes the mediation, the youngest liberal profession from Romania, which consist in a real way toward progress, with the art of communication and the management of conflicts, intelligent solutions, without whom the society could not evolve, as well as the community of mediators.

The primary objective of the event is to promote the advantages that mediation brings, as an alternative and amiable solution to solve the problems, and to show off the results obtained until now by the mediators.

The target public of The Excellence Gala in Mediation is represented by the 6.700 mediators from Romania, practitioners of judicial professions, and all the Romanian citizens above 18 years old, that are in a conflict.

The close collaboration between education, mediation and business, implication in the life of community have as target achieving the social peace.

“Does not matter how many things you know, until you show that you care”, should be the motto of the edition from this year The Excellence Gala in Mediation.

To have success, it needs to show you care, and the power of example is the best way

The Excellence Gala in Mediation is the proof that the mediators, people from business field and the representatives of qualitative education care about the communities they live and where they are working.

The education, the mediation and the business are creating a real golden triangle.

TOGETHER we have the necessary power to give the Romanians trust for themselves, so necessarily to involve in the society, and also to solve in an amiable way the conflicts from personal life, professional and civic one.

The schedule of The Excellence Gala in Mediation 2017:

31 March 2017

18:30 – 18:40 – Receiving the persons invited and the participants

18:40 – 19:15 – Opening the event and the words of guests of honor

19:15 – 20:00 – Networking, Business Cocktail

1 April 2017

The International Conference with the theme – “Mediation – The positive Management of Conflict”

2 April 2017


10:30-13:00-Visiting the city

13:30-14:00-Closing the event

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