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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.


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The six public universities in Cluj-Napoca have developed a new project with the aim of presenting and promoting the academic feature of the city. This way, they want to attract and maintain a quality human resource in Cluj-Napoca.

Being also a unique idea in the Romanian university scene, this project tries to capture and render both the university offer of Cluj and the spirit of the city as a daily, economic, cultural and sporting environment. It also tries to capture the fact that the city evolves constantly to meet the expectations of the community and also the students` demands who live in here.

“We have tried to catch the spirit of Cluj, which is a city of communication, of common strategies, in other words, a city of partnership between the universities, the business environment and the local public authorities. It is the first time when all the public universities of an academic center from Romania work together to develop and to promote a joint offer with the purpose of establishing a connected and a coherent community, regardless the competition between them during the admission period. The fact that Cluj-Napoca offers a multilingual environment in the higher education transforms the city into an open and very welcoming space for students from all over Romania and abroad, whether they are Romanian speakers or not.”, declare the initiators of this project.