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Foreign Business Clubs

Cluj International Committee

Cluj International Committee was created in 2015 and aims to :

    • gather all the internationals from Cluj in a broad multicultural community;
    • gather the foreign investments & businesses, independently of the country of origin;
  • connect internationals to the local community and to the local businesses;


The German Business Club Northern-Transylvania

The German Business Club Northern-Transylvania (DWNT) in Cluj-Napoca (DWNT) is a forum for companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Romania, which are wishing to invest in Romania and especially here in the region of Northern-Transylvania. The members of DWNT will be informed in the monthly meetings on topics ranging from business, finance, tax and legal issues in order for them to operate successfully on the Romanian market. The members of the DWNT will also take part in the big community of all other Business Clubs, chambers of commerce and authorities in Romania.

Therefore, the nearly 60 members of DWNT are constantly informed about different subjects in areas such as economy, finance, taxes and law, so that the companies are able to make the right decisions and to act accordingly on the Romanian market on the basis of these information. The club is also a contact point for companies which would like to invest in Romania, especially in the area of Northern Transylvania. Important assistance can thus be given through initial contacts and assessments of the situation.

The close collaboration of the German Economic Club Northern-Transylvania with other economic clubs from Romania, the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest, their diplomatic representatives and educational and cultural institutions offers a huge network of business contacts of all kinds.

Contact person:
Dipl.-Ing. Ludger Thol, President of the DWNT
c/o SC Lupp Projekt Transilvania SRL c / o SC Transilvania SRL Lupp project
149/3, Constantin Brancusi St.
RO 400458 Cluj – Napoca RO 400 458 Cluj – Napoca

Mobile: +40 746 043 261

Phone: +40 364 116 128


The Francophone Business Club in Cluj (C.FAC)

The Francophone Business Club in Cluj (C.FAC), created in 2011, is defined as a meeting space that encourages the business development and the exchange of ideas, an economic francophone network in development, but also a coupling agent between francophone companies and administrative, educational and economic environments in Cluj.

The club aims to contribute to the economic development and to promote the Francophonie in the region of Cluj. Among its objectives, the most definite are: creating and developing a network, building common strategies, cooperation, encouraging economic innovation, development of the francophone employment of labour sector in Transylvania, openness to economic prospects in the francophone area.

C.FAC distinguishes itself by offering the opportunity of membership not only to the francophone companies and entrepreneurs, but to any francophone with a decisive or representation position.

The Club is at local level (within the region of Cluj), part of the International Committee, a structure which brings together the business communities of Cluj / Transylvania, currently more than 10 business communities. Meanwhile, at national level, is part of the French economic network of institutions working for the common values alongside the Embassy of France in Romania, CCIFER, BusinessFrance and many others. We are pleased to count among our partners the French Institute in Romania, the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and the French Consular Agency in Romania.

Annual publication of French entreprises HERE

Contact information:

Address: no. 2 I.I.C. Brătianu Street, 400079, Cluj-Napoca (in the French Institute building)

Italian Business Club of Northern Transylvania (IBCNT)

IBCNT is an active point of contact of Italian and Romanian business people linking them with the international business community to exchange best practices and promote collaboration in order to win global challenges.
Antonio Patane, President

Japanese Business Club in Transylvania (JBC)

Japanese Business Club in Transylvania (JBC) is the Japanese business community and forum among Japanese/Romanian/Other international companies to promote the Japanese business & technologies in the region, and bridge the business & technologies between Japan and Transylvania, and beyond with three core missions.

JBC is established in 2019, in the year of the official EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) between Japan and EU takes into effect, and the Romanian presidency in the EU Council and Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania hosts the Startup Europe Summit 2019 event, with the motivation to promote and assist to strengthen the business partnership between Japan and Transylvania, and beyond.

•Promotes and represent the Japanese Business in the region through our communication, education and networking events and activities.

•Aims to build and develop the Japanese Business Community to strengthen the relationship between Japan and Transylvania, and beyond.

•Collaborates with other Japanese/International/Local organisations, associations and authorities to develop synergies and new opportunities.


JBC is formed with the premium sponsor membership companies with the major Japanese investment in Cluj-Napoca and it’s vicinity, and the membership is encouraged and open for any other companies meet one of those criteria below, with the agreement and approval form the board.

1) Related to the Japanese capital and investment

2) Related to the Japanese business/services/products

3) Interested to the Japanese business and the business with Japan (especially with the EU-Japan EPA taking in effect)


JBC provides and hosts the regular events and activities as followings.

1) Monthly JBC Newsletter Email

2) Quarterly Communication Meetings

3) Seasonal/Bi-Annual Networking Events

[Contact Information]


Address: 22 Trifoiului street, Cluj-Napoca 400478, Romania

President: Daisuke Kudo (DK)

Phone: +40 743535942

American Business Club in Transylvania (ABC)

The American Business Club is a Romanian based American business network established in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  The mission of this association is to connect American companies, business interests, and investors with local business, clients and workforce to create mutually beneficial relationships for all parties.

Some key points the ABC hopes to accomplish:

  • Promote tourism from America and be a beacon for Americans looking for assistance in: moving, visiting or starting companies in Romania
  • Support local businesses and build brands that could have international appeal while helping to foster an ethical business climate that betters the Romanian people and respects its traditions
  • Bridge gap between interested but uninformed American investment companies and people with local knowledge and understanding of the local government 
  • Be a group that supports charities and fundraisers for communities in need
  • Host social events that create bonds amongst members and the community

[Contact Information]

William Cunneen

President, American Business Club in Transylvania