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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

StartupCities Partnership (SCEP)

The StartupCities movement is a pioneer bottom-up initiative. The executive tool is the StartupCity Europe Partnership SCEP.

StartupCities as a new pan-European network of cities for connecting and fostering the development of innovation ecosystems. The main mission is to consolidate new innovation ecosystems by leveraging the skills and economic potentials that are scattered across Europe by interconnecting startups & SMEs strategies at LOCAL level.

These are the four actions and the group of activities impacting the market in 2021:

1. The Market. Open to the world with the EU innovation map based on a combined and diversed group of LOCAL ecosystemS flagships (StartupCities) lead by the top startups & SMEs:

1.1 Top 10 entrepreneurs & innovators.

1.2 Strategic ecosystems pilots.

1.3 iAreas. Climate & Health.

2. Global-EU innovation market lead by young entrepreneurs.

2.1 Global-EU Innovation Market Platform (find, involve, matchmaking, market expansion).

3. Climate change and health innovations lead by women innovators.

3.1 Top 10 entrepreneurs & innovators.

4. Agile demand of training courses for global-EU startups & SMEs.

4.1 Flash Training.

Honorific Ambassador of @EiA – Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

Implementation leaders (in alphabetical order by name):

The Young piece is led by Dimitar Vasilev. The aim is that the StartupVillages will be the executive tool for engaging global-EU young entrepreneurs & innovators between rural-urban areas with #ErasmusPlus as game-changer.

The Women piece is led by Taryn Andersen. The aim is to accelerate the global-EU support of venture capital for women entrepreneurs & innovators in global StartupCities #EUWomen4Future.

The Talent piece is led by Susanna Hillenbrand. The aim is to activate a global map for reskilling and upskilling new jobs and demand training courses in an agile way for global StartupCities and to be reflected in #NextGenerationEU.

Leader Mayors for the Global StartupCities’ Action Plan for 2021:
  • Chair Mayor of Málaga (the host city for II Global StartupCities Summit in 2021) and co-chair Mayor Leuven (iCapital during 2021)*
  • Market. Emil BOC, Mayor of Cluj-Napoca (Health iArea) and Mayor of Valencia (Climate iArea).
  • Young. Mayor of Varna and Mayor of Heraklion.
  • Women. Mayor of Cologne and Mayor of Vantaa.
  • Talent. Ricardo RIO Mayor of Braga and Mayor of Ostrava.

*Both positions will be updated every year with the new host city for the Global StartupCities Summit and the new annual iCapital winner.