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Cluj Napoca: Heart of Transylvania-full version from Laviniu Lazar on Vimeo.

Our Mission

The Office for Foreign Affairs and Investors from the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca was established in order to better serve the community in developing diplomatic and business relationships.

Our mission is to assist people fulfilling their dreams, their visions, their aspirations by providing expertise in networking individuals and organizations from around the world with our city.

Our office is focused on learning, on relating with the academics, with local and international businesses and with other governmental structures in order to create the best local practices that can support Cluj-Napoca today and tomorrow.

As information is not just a commodity but a Must of the digital era, we have created this platform in order to meet the needs of people connecting to people and of businesses relating to businesses-fast, accurate and in time.

For more information, please contact us by email or be curious to meet us in the City Hall main building, room 51, #3, Motilor Str, Cluj-Napoca.